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A Day in the Life: On the Campaign Trail, Department of Law Reaching More Georgians

August 28, 2018

Team Carr,

We are about 11 weeks away from the November 6th election, so I wanted to offer a quick update from the campaign trail!

We’ve been campaigning now for well over a year and a half, and one of the greatest parts about spending time on the campaign trail is that it gives us an extra opportunity to connect with even more Georgians.

All told, we’ve made more than 165 stops so far across the state to hear from Georgians.

In the last few weeks alone, Team Carr has made stops in Atlanta, Augusta, Commerce, Danielsville, Macon, Perry, Rome, Sandy Springs, Smyrna and Winder, to deliver our message about protecting Georgians.

Last week, we added another endorsement to our list, too! I was honored to add the Georgia Chamber of Commerce to our growing list of endorsements for election.

After taking office in November 2016, I quickly discovered that many Georgians did not truly understand the role of the Attorney General or the Department of Law.

As Attorney General, I believe there is no more solemn responsibility than to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, the Constitution and laws of the state of Georgia and the interests of the people of our state. I’m inspired every day by this opportunity.

During our time on the campaign trail, we have increased public awareness of the role of the Attorney General and we have encouraged more Georgians than ever to get involved in the partnerships we’re building across the state. Together, we are tackling the problems too many Georgians are facing: opioid addiction, human trafficking, organized gang activity, cyber crimes, and abuse of those who are older and at-risk.

During the three years I was Commissioner of the Department of Economic Development, we worked to provide jobs and keep Georgia number one for business. As Attorney General, I look forward to continuing this momentum as a partner for years to come.

There’s nothing I enjoy more than talking with Georgians and figuring out how we can work together to deliver positive results for our state. I will always work to bring all necessary parties to the table to find productive solutions that reflect the interests of the people of our state.

So thank you for joining us, and I encourage you to not only reach out to us in the weeks ahead as we race to Election Day, but to work with us where you can help us make a bigger difference for Georgians. Whether you’re a health care provider, an educator, police officer, student, real estate agent, attorney, sportsman, small business owner, farmer, parent, or something else entirely, I assure you, your perspective is important to us!

We welcome your input. Just give us a shout! Ryan, Nick, Brittany, Diana or any member of our campaign team will be glad to help point you in the right direction at info@carr2018.com or call us at 678-348-6591.

Thank you for your support,


Chris Carr
Attorney General