Carr Announces More Than 1,200 in Campaign Leadership Team

October 25, 2018

ATLANTA – Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr today announced that his campaign’s Statewide Grassroots Leadership Team includes more than 1,200 voting Georgians from all of Georgia’s 159 counties. The full list of his leadership team can be found here.

Carr has traveled the state extensively since taking office in November 2016, involving Georgians in his work as Attorney General to protect Georgia. He has made more than 225 stops and spoken at more than 60 GOP events and meetings. Next week, Carr will join the Georgia Republican Party’s “Road to Victory” bus tour across the state, bringing the total even higher.

“Every day, we have been working to improve awareness of the role of the Attorney General and to see to it that we protect Georgia from both a public safety perspective and an economic perspective,” said Carr. “From fighting gangs and human trafficking, to combating the tragedy of the opioid epidemic and elder abuse, we have a record of results.

“I’m proud that we’ve not only worked with the Georgia General Assembly to pass legislation, but that we’ve also brought more Georgians and resources together to improve our state’s response in each of these areas.

“This election is about Georgia’s future, and Georgia voters understand the choice they have before them. I’ve been proud to be a part of Governor Nathan Deal’s Department of Economic Development and bringing 84,000 jobs to our state, and I’ve been proud to be a part of U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson’s legacy of work for our state. 

“I thank our volunteers, donors and each person who has helped our campaign, and I look forward to continuing to make Georgians proud as their Attorney General.”

Georgia’s Office of the Attorney General is the national leader for the ‘Demand an End’ campaign, and worked with the Georgia Legislature to pass legislation that criminalizes and enhances penalties on the demand side to protect victims of human trafficking.

Under Carr’s leadership, the Office of the Attorney General created the Statewide Opioid Task Force, which recently completed its fourth meeting to bring all Georgians together from every perspective on this issue to combat the opioid crisis.

The Office of the Attorney General began the Georgia Anti-Gang Network to create an infrastructure to combat gangs working with local, state and federal law enforcement and the Prosecuting Attorneys’ Council of Georgia. Currently, this group is working to establish a Gang Unit and fund new positions for gang and human trafficking prosecutions.

Additionally Carr’s Office of the Attorney General has brought charges working alongside local law enforcement and prosecuted a ring of criminals who were abusing older Georgians.

Carr has committed his office to protecting Georgia consumers, pushing back against government overreach, fighting cyber crimes, and ultimately protecting and defending the Constitutions of Georgia and the United States.

Thanks to his leadership in each of these areas, along with his record of public service, Carr has earned endorsements for the November 6 election from the following:

Other announced campaign grassroots coalitions include:

Carr recently released a statewide television ad, ‘Public Service,’ which highlights his extensive record of successful public service in Georgia that can be found online here.

Voters who are interested in learning more about Carr’s campaign should visit www.carr2018.com, www.facebook.com/attorneygeneralchriscarr or www.twitter.com/ChrisCarr_Ga.

About Attorney General Chris Carr
As the current Attorney General, Chris Carr is applying his results-oriented style of public policy as head of the Georgia Department of Law. Carr has prioritized the goals of the office to achieve the most effective department possible for Georgia’s citizens. His work to eradicate human trafficking, fight federal overreach, combat opioid abuse, prosecute criminal gang activities, protect older and at-risk adults and keep government open and transparent is generating real results.

Since taking office in November 2016, Carr has increased public awareness of the role of the Attorney General and provided training on many areas the office oversees. For example, Carr launched a statewide Open Government Tour as part of a larger effort to educate members of the community, elected officials, state record keepers and others about their duties and responsibilities under Georgia’s Open Meetings Act and Open Records Act.

Carr’s full bio can be found online at www.carr2018.com/bio.