Overwhelming Law Enforcement Support for Attorney General Carr

October 15, 2018

Updated: Oct. 27, 2018

ATLANTA – Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr today announced additional support for his campaign from law enforcement officials from across the state.

In addition to endorsements from Governor Nathan Deal and a majority of the state legislature, along with a coalition of veterans supporting his campaign, Carr’s efforts as Attorney General since November 2016 have earned him the support of 81 Sheriffs and 28 District Attorneys* across the state, as well as an endorsement from the Fraternal Order of Police.

In the Fraternal Order of Police endorsement, President Jamy Steinberg wrote: “Your dedication to Georgia law enforcement and insuring the safety and security of Georgians and visitors to our State were the litmus tests for our support. Your actions during your turn in office and in your campaign, specifically… to combat gang activity, address the opioid epidemic, combat sex-trafficking and be a supporter of our noble professions, were what our members want. Your accomplishments, goals and plans as Georgia’s Attorney General have been recognized by our membership, which clearly places you at the top of our list.”

Carr has earned endorsements from Sheriffs in 81 counties across Georgia, including the President of the Georgia Sheriffs’ Association.

Peach County Sheriff Terry Deese, who is president of the Georgia Sheriffs’ Association, said, “I have been consistently impressed with how well Chris understands our work and challenges, especially facing modern criminals and threats. Opioids, cyber crime and so many criminal activities have implications far beyond the obvious, immediate impacts. Chris has taken these challenges head-on, and I know he has our backs.”

Cherokee County Sheriff Frank Reynolds said, “I’m proud to support Chris Carr as Georgia’s Attorney General, just as he has backed us and the entire law enforcement community. He has been a leader in fighting human trafficking and opioid abuse, and he has personally taken on the growing problem of elder abuse. I can tell Chris wakes up each day trying to help us find the best ways to protect Georgians.”

For his work in office, Carr has earned endorsements from 27 Georgia District Attorneys

Augusta Circuit District Attorney Natalie Paine said, “Chris has not only met my expectations, but he has exceeded them. His work on the Statewide Opioid Task Force is already making a difference in the lives of Georgians, and I’m glad to see him speaking out as the national voice of the ‘Demand and End’ campaign to fight human trafficking. I look forward to his continued work as the Georgia Anti-Gang Task Force expands and puts more criminals behind bars.”

Cobb County District Attorney Vic Reynolds said, “Chris is tough on crime, and he’s making it clear to criminals that they will face consequences. I’ve been impressed with his hands-on leadership at every level. Chris leads by personal example.”

Carr has led efforts to protect Georgia by enforcing state and federal laws. He began the Georgia Anti-Gang Initiative to keep communities safe from gang violence and find local solutions to keep young people from joining.

Thanking law enforcement officials for their support and partnership, Carr said, “I’m proud to have the support of so many brave and dedicated individuals across law enforcement as Attorney General. I’m thankful for their hard work and dedication as we work to keep our communities safe.”

Soon after taking office in 2016, Carr was named to the Human Trafficking Committee of the National Association of Attorneys General. Carr has backed legislation that has strengthened efforts to prosecute human traffickers and those who patronize or solicit victims of this modern-day slavery in addition to helping end online child and sex trafficking.

By applying his results-oriented style of public policy in the Attorney General’s office, Carr’s work to eradicate human trafficking, combat opioid abuse and protect older and at-risk adults is generating real results. He has launched organized efforts to help better inform Georgians of these crimes and empower them to help fight back against these harmful criminal activities where appropriate.

In his campaign, Carr has earned endorsements from the following:

Other announced grassroots coalitions include:

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*An additional District Attorney endorsed Carr on Oct. 26, 2018, bringing the total to 28 District Attorneys.